Sunday, October 30, 2011

Taking Stock

I started out the year with some spring crops.


Mesclun greens


And beets.
 Following spring was a fallow period while life got crazy. Then I planted tomatoes (no picture - it was not a tomato year for me) as well as

Basil (now pesto)

And astonishingly large kohlrabi.

I attempted to plant a fall crop of spinach but sowed too late, so I revised and planted garlic instead. (That's not technically a 2011 crop, since it'll come up in the spring.)

Not bad growing all this from two of these:

Self-watering container

But I bet I can do more next year. :)   What did you grow this summer? 


  1. All my fall crops got eaten by cabbage caterpillars. If you try any next year, make some garlic spray to kill them - lesson learned. :)